why does your life suck?

I continually feel left out by everyone I know. I'm shy to the point of introverted and unsocial. I have few friends. I'm not atttactive by any means. My reason to push forward is one guy who makes my world light up. He's incredibly nice and supportive, but like I said, I'm not attractive by any means. My other reason is the few people who look up to me. Very few people. I feel like I'm not needed and society is wasting it's resources and time on me.

I don't fit in anywhere. No one seems to understand how I think, what I like, or why I do anything I do. I have constant physical pain and fatigue as well as endless allergies. It feels like even my own body is rejecting me. Everything I try to accomplish either never works or I put in so much time, money, and effort that I finally end up with something that's a pale excuse for what I really wanted, so I never feel satisfied. I'm just sick of trying.

here it goes. I cheated on my boyfriend and dumped him for the guy ı was cheating on him with. that guy became my boyfriend and he turned out to be a freak. he had a mental illness and he was constantly threatining me and controlling me about where to go what to do who to see. he would swear/yell at me, call me names and whole my self esteem went down gradually. and then he cheated on me and now he is back with his ex girlfriend. the bad thing is ı keep bumping into him as we work in the same company. ı hate my job, ı have no idea how i got this position and why i did even apply in the first place. ı have A LOT of health problems that seem to not go away in like 2 years! ı have to visit the doctor every single weekend, wasting my time, energy and money on doctors and medicine. ı still can not afford to pay my own rent so my father pays it. and ı feel terrible about it. my family lives far away and i missed them a lot, seeing them getting older and having health problems breaks my heart. my face is covered with acne all over and i can not even unplug my eyebrows or moustache as it hurts like hell. this makes me more insecure that i can not even look into others eyes. ı feel shy and scared all the time. my mind is full of worries. ı dont know what i am passionate about, what kind of job i want to do and seeing others who knows exactly what they want makes me feel worried and insecure. my period is almost 2 weeks late and appearently my hormones are crazy, i dont know how to reset them and get rid of this pms unhappiness and depression. I hate my workplace, and i earn less than my friends and i have to lie to them about my salary so they would not pity on me. ı feel like doing nothing but laying down. ı havent been exercising regularly for 6 months and i gained 8kg! I am not tall so it makes a HUGE difference. my clothes do not fit anymore, i dont have money to shop. and.. ı am alone. so alone in this world that nobody can help. I feel like i will never fall in love again because ive lost my beliefs that love exists.

my expectations are killing me. 5 years ago I had a vision for a perfect life: to get into good uni, find beautiful gf and close friends. Have a simple and happy life. Well, apparently those things are not definition of happiness. Even though I have a reasonably good life there's this feeling of incredible under-achievement because I cannot concentrate properly on simple tasks. God! this is annoying. ADD? Maybe. But how the forget do I combat it while my field of study and work is related to Internet - the biggest distraction of all. Jeez, I should move to countryside to raise rabbits or something.

i have nothing and have no idea how to change things

I know what it is to feel happy, but I don't know what it is to *be* happy. I just can't shake this feeling of uselesness.

I'm a loser. I've always been a doormat because the world has chosen to make me be a doormat. Even when I was a kid I would be picked on and very rarely would be perpetrators be punished but every time I tried to retaliate I would face the consequences. I was always the one being counseled because I was different. I remember a school administrator telling me in seventh grade that if there is trouble and I'm always the one involved and it's always someone other than me it must be me that is the problem. I have never forgotten that. And its hard to believe that back them I thought that people like him were trying to help. At the age of forty nine I still a doormat and failure still trying to "grow up" and put my life together.

I used to have it all and drank it away - now I have no job no money no friends - my kids hate me -

I am on the verge of suicide. I have a wonderful husband, a beautiful son and a great dog. Sometimes I cant even look at them. I am so up and down and I am just tired of living each day with mental illness. My boss hates me, she never knows which me she is going to get. It is making me useless at work. I am useless at home. I can no longer drive because if I continue driving, I will crash my car into a tree, or drive it off of a bridge. I love my family and I wish I didn't feel this way. I have gained an insane amount of weight because some mornings I cant even get out of bed. I work 40+ hours a week and have nothing to show for it. We cant afford our own home and we are stuck living with my husbands crazy family. They are awful and judgmental and extremely untrustworthy. No one will do anything for anyone else in that family, I came from a family where everybody helps everybody. This family is full of fakes and liars, everyone pretends to love you to your face and talks crap behind your back. We live with two teenagers who do nothing for themselves, wont make their own dinner plates, wash their laundry, do any chores. Nothing can be said to them because they freak out and tell their tyrant mother who will chew you up and spit you out because her babies are always perfect, no matter if they are in the wrong. For example my brother in law assaulted his wife a few years back and she defended him saying that you cant assault your wife, and that's part of marriage is giving it up to your husband. I am so sick of living with these racist pieces of white trash and resent them more and more every day.

I let myself develop a shitty attitude.

I'm poor. I'm been severely depressed and unable to keep meaningful jobs. My family thinks I'm a burden and something they have to put up with. I'm poor. I'm a mom and that's the only reason I haven't taken my own life. I get no joy out of anything. Everyday is an uphill battle. I'm ready to be done with this nonsense. I rely in my mother (at 32 years of age) to support my family. I'm a loser. I hate being awake. There is not one thing in this earth worth living for. I only stay out of obligation.

I feel like I'm a mistake. That all this is a mistake. Everything i do is a mistake. My life is a lie.

I wish I was happy... I should be happy... I was just married a few months ago & my husband is a wonderful person. All I seem to do is focus on his weaknesses instead if his strengths. I hate that about about myself, it's definately a huge weakness of my own. Along with this marriage, I became a step-parent of 2 teenagers. They're honestly wonderful children but the more I'm around them, the more I despise them. They're very selfish & superficial, I know those are characteristics of teenagers but I'm struggling to deal with it. They're ungrateful & I'm supposed to love them unconditionally... I'm really trying... but they're not my children & I am not their parent. No matter how hard I try to build that connection with them, I just end up abused like all parents of teenagers. As this continually happens, I just despise them more & wish they weren't around. The only reason that I finally got married is to have my own family. I wish being a step-parent would satisfy that desire, but it does not. The honeymoon phase of my 1st & only marriage has consisted of my husband acting as a taxi driver for the kids to get to their club activities until 9-10pm. I know this will not last forever & I know it's good for them to be in activities & spend time with their father. There are so many times that I wish I wouldn't have married a man with children. The worst part is that I can't talk to anybody about my feelings. I love my husband & the kids. I would never want to hurt them. I feel so alone.

I've been an outcast my whole life. The only way I could cope with people not caring about me is by becoming a sort of sociopath. I started balding when I was 17. My freak body has already had 5 surgeries, and I probably still need at least two more in the near future. I've had scoliosis since my mid teens. My back always hurts. I've had a blood clot in my leg before, and my leg sometimes hurts. The only relationship I've ever had with a girl was totally abusive and turned me off to dating. I'll probably die alone. I feel like life is just about being screwed over by everyone and everything.

I have no idea what to do from here on out. No job, no money, just questions on why I need to wake up. Just to feel depressed again? Just to see others experiencing life? I don't want to continue anymore, I just want it all to end. I'm ready to call it a life. Just a waste of space.

I just don't understand. Why was I born? Why am I educated? Why will I work? Why must I live? Why must I die? There's no goal, absolutely nothing and it confuses the hell out of me.

I am a multi millionaire. My life sucks because I inherited this money after my dad died and feel guilty that I never made that money on my own. My family looks at me as worthless because I am riding on someone else's accomplishments. Every person who claims to be my friend I see as suspicious and I distrust everyone. Everything I buy bores me quickly. I hate my life and I am getting sick of the mansion I live in and the high end cars I drive and the easy women I date. Everything in my life seems fake and I am contemplating suicide. There is no way out

my university life sucks, im late of one year, i have 7 exams left (while everybody thinks that are 3) and all the stuff that i'm trying to study are so difficult and impossible, beyond everybody imagination. my private life sucks, because i'm fat, i will never lose weight, (i tried so much and so harder, without any results, always coming back at my originarily weight), right now i'm lying to my parents, telling them that i'm on trip in russia (my lifetime dream) and istead i'm here, at home, eating junks, just because i had to pay for a stupid thing i did, and the only way i could justify all that money, was only a trip. i'm bad, i'm always lying to people, try to make'em think that my life isn't that crappy, as it seems.

I hate myself. Don't know why: I have a good job, beutiful wife that loves me, nice house, lots of toys. It's all shit. NOTHING brings me happyness. It just makes me want to start doing drugs agin. I quit so i could have a good life, but life sucks. Im just as bumed now as I was when I was a teenager single broke and alone. What the forget is the point.

life may suck there may be no reason for it. because of society and the economy life is very difficult to live comfortably in any situation if money is not a problem work may be a problem or family and each one of those branches out into another problem and so on we focus on the tiny problems and those keep us from living happy lives if you take a step back and a few deep breaths look at everything around you. the happy people the unhappy people the home less people the people that have good jobs and have it all... any one of those people could be you it does not matter if you have a good job or a bad job all that matters is if you're surviving and keeping your family alive and well life can change at any moment if you're un happy get a different perspective think a little different for a couple of minutes put yourself in someone else shoes and know that no matter how alone you feel you're not alone and that the things you're doing right in the moment do matter

My life sucks because I have no life I dont even know the meaning of life yet I am hear not living but existing a never ending spiral of nothingness. No job no friends no house no car no money and no real family. The same s#/t everyday day an oxygen thief sitting everyday trying to find answers or meanings to everything and not finding anything so I start over each day just to get to the same point as yesterday, knowing that its hopeless.

i always fail even tho i try harder i always fail i always dissapoint people around me and then i have family problems my dad is always drunk and i found out that he ia using drugs and i think hes cheating idk im going insane just thinking about this and then boom my dad told me that i cant go to college and now all my dreams shattered

I'm 18 and I look 12, I am always ill and feeling like rubbish and I look like rubbish. I have been repeatedly told my whole future revolves around what I choose to do now with my education. The pressure is too fudgeing much :) I have no job and I feel depressed. Thank you for reading.

I am constantly being walked all over. When I'm nice and accommodating no one seems to care and when I stand up for myself everyone thinks I'm a biznatch. I've been to college 4 times and didn't finish more than a year every time cause I don't know what I want to do with my life. I'm working a dead end job that's going no where with coworkers who don't like or appreciate all my hard work, I don't have any friends they've all dumped me for "cooler people" and I'm 25 I thought I was done with that junk in highschool. It never ends does it?

I'm living a life being worried everyday that my dad will hurt me again and that my family or my moms ex will find us. I get sent to psychiatric hospitals because of self harm and suicidal attempts. Everyday I look at myself I feel like I'm a straight up fat ass and I battle with anorexia. My grandpa the only one that protected me from my dad was smashed to death by a trailer and can't protect me anymore. My mom barely even can look at me because of how disappointed she is at me. I feel alone....I feel nobody loves me....I feel like nobody will ever love me... Because Im a stupid mistake