why does your life suck?

Because I wish I weren't so afraid to die. If I wasn't I could kill myself. It's not that I'm even depressed as much as everyone I've ever cared about has let me down. I'm allegedly beautiful-inside and out-but I'm not loved. I'm smart, but can't find success. I try to go dead on the inside but I somehow still have a heart. Life has never given me a reason to believe I'm worth a damn. I fight tooth and nail and am a survivor-but only in the moral victory sense of the word. Maybe that's a lot of people, but it's rubbed in by the fact that anyone who's ever genuinely wronged me gets away with it and immediately gets their dream life. I'm not a pushover but somehow people take something from me that empowers them. A good attitude and learning from experience as well doing hard work on yourself-at least in my case-only goes so far. I'm beyond helpless. I'm also possibly dying of a heart condition...something that terrifies me because I'm afraid of death. But then I think how stupid all of it is because what am I fighting for? I have nothing anyway. And yet I wish I could kill myself. And I wish I weren't possibly dying. I'm utterly confused as well as having no sense of belonging in this world-proven to me over and over and over again.

I have trichotillomania and I can't tell anyone.

My life sucks because my bilogical father never wanted me, I have a deadbeat father who brings nothing but pain and misery to our household. We live below income, I owe my High School a lot of money to the extend my 12th Grade certificate is held back, were blacklisted and I don't even have enough money to get into my dream university we're that poor and since it's a private institution they only issue Busary once you are within the institution...funny thing is I have family with a lot of money but they're so greedy they never done shit for us. now i'm trying to get a job and save up for my studies aswell as help out my m but i'm failing terribly at.

I could do anything and be as happy as anyone, yet I continually fail to optimize my life.

the void in my heart will never fill.

I am 19 and got pregnant by a 48 year old. I had an abortion and the father completely abandoned me and made me pay for all of it. I have major depression and am suicidal.

I can't get anything accomplished. I'm a coward.

I feel as if it's utterly unbearable; however, I've read the rest of this page. What made, and continues to make, me feel awful does unceasingly, yet I know by use of reason that it's absolutely nothing in comparison to the issues faced by billions of people in the world. And here, despite my own will, I cannot stop feeling this way.

My life sucks because I'm 39 I have 3 children my oldest was born with a rare brain defect, my daughters dad killed himself his family don't care to have anything to do with my daughter, I been married 2 times once to my best friend and to my older sons dad my youngest his dad was crazy stalked me, my oldest son his dad is on math shoots it up takes pills and an alcoholic he's abusive physically and mentally the only person who cared about me my mom she passed away from cancer in 2007 my moms family said it was my fault cuz I prepared for her death, my dad he's been so depressed since my mom died wants to die himself my daughter has so many other health problems epilepsy seizures, my youngest son has ADHD and kidney problems born with 3 kidneys, I have health problems I have a bad back my vertebrates slip out of place I have osteoarthritis and arthritis throughout my body I have neuropathy in so much pain I have no money I can't work I can't even get disability my kidneys are going bad every guy I've tried to have a relationship with has taken me for granted taken what little money from my daughters disability, i struggle to keep up with bills my truck is going bad can't get a new wheelchair for my daughter, I have no friends I have major depression anxiety panic attacks my sister and my brother both have everything money their soul mate money jobs friends I have nothing no one cares I hate every thing about my self I wish the world would hurry up and end I'm so sick of living amongst all this there are many other things that make my life suck

My life does not suck because I have a purpose in Life. I have an identity and meaning. My father is a drug addict. My mother watches over three children and has no job. She is a thousand miles or more away from her other three older children. My moms brother recently dragged me to my room because Of my Pride. My guardians are barely at home. We have to watch what we say and what we do to avoid my uncles wrath. You do not know my pain. I do not know your pain. But we all want freedom. May God give you freedom.

I'm a pitiful loser who cannot achieve anything of importance. Everyone thinks I'm so smart and that I should go back to university, but I can't. I know it would break me again, not that I ever reassembled the pieces. I've been looking over wage rates for people who completed tertiary education vs those that don't and I'm gonna be at the bottom of the graph my whole life. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but the whole world does seem to go out of it's way to make it an undesirable position. Not just financial issues, I feel no respect as a human being. I try and see the beauty and positives in everyone, but always feel I am falling or have already fallen short. I'm sick of watching others excel while being paralysed myself. forget the world.

there's no point for any of us to be here. mistakes. accidents. we don't even have a choice. we're brought here, given sets upon sets of rules. expected to live in harmony with one another. too bad people suck & can't even be happy with themselves. my life sucks because I exist. I used to like people but now putting up with them makes me feel like a robot. holidays aren't for anything anymore but $$$$$$ and every other day of the year is still spent ruining the planet. "BUT LETS ALL KEEP HAVING KIDS!" If you have someone in your life that honestly listens to u, or even gives a #$@% about u, you're lucky. I have those, but I'm too shitty to appreciate them/life because a few ppl 'kinda care'. everything is temporary & we're all gonna die anyway. and we get to live these exciting lives while dealing with depression. so idk, I'm just tired of it all & too cowardly not to end it. just stuck hating everything always. I hate feelings and I hate myself. it angers me that I'm expected to be happy that I'm alive. forget off.

I'm fat as forget

My brother was killed when I was 12 and it turned my family sad and angry. I've been living in a small country town in the middle of no where since third grade. Population:1200. I dropped out of college and spoiled my grants by falling in love and then abandoned in the end and used for money. After traveling the country a couple of times and in love I ended up back here in this small and unknown town alone working at Walmart which I just quit because I saw no point and now I'm still in my parents at age 21 while everyone else has normal college life experiences.

I live to work. I'm just a slave really.

I'm 41, I have never been on a date. I've been asked but every single time it was just a cruel joke. I am fat and ugly and worthless garbage(ask anybody). I'm the original doormat. I am put down and laughed at by everyone. I left my job to care for my mom full time since her stroke, living off my retirement funds and selling my belongings. My siblings don't care that it's killing me. They all have lives of their own. I am deeply depressed but if I try to talk about it my family calls me selfish. I cry all night, I have migraines, I was hospitalized when my gallbladder ruptured and nobody cared. My sisters were angry because they had to help mom while I had surgery. I just give up on this world. It doesn't get better. All my life I was ignored, picked on, lied to, pushed aside and laughed at. I help everyone but nobody helps me. My so-called friends stole from me and talked about me behind my back. My boss dumped tons of work on me from other departments and took credit for my work. Anytime I stood up for myself it just made things worse. I prayed so hard and so long for God to help me but I think He's laughing at my pain too. I'm used up, burnt out, exhausted and miserable. I just want to die. I just want to lay down, close my eyes and cease to exist. I don't even care if there is an afterlife or not. I just want it all to stop. I'm so very tired.

unemployed, running out of money soon, relationship in permanent limbo and I can't leave because I feel guilty because I'm all he has, and he has mental disabilities that he refuses to get help for. Parents are aging and dad is having an emotional affair which is killing my mom who is now always depressed, and she can't leave him because she's afraid of living alone. Brother blames me for everything bad in life, he's the golden boy. My time has run out and I haven't succeeded in any of my life's goals. No joy, no love, no peace, no hope.

I have always felt like the weird one in the crowd. I developed a horrible work ethic over the past 3 years and I wish I would change that but have also developed a very lazy personality. I failed two of my classes because I simply didn't care. I have depression that pushes me to the point of suicide. I have a beautiful girlfriend but the moment she leaves I spiral back to the bottom. I have never experienced the feeling of being "excited" and rarely experience the feeling of "success". Every time I buy something or earn something new, I get bored the same day. Along with 99% of every choice I make feeling like a mistake. I don't see the point anymore and I don't care to look.

I hate my job , i dont know what to go to school for, i owe alot of money . my girlfriend always gets mad at me for any reason. i dont have a life i wish i never existed, to ignore this pain.

I feel that my family hate me and I will n never live free and I'll always be sad andI can not brethe I want to die because I live in hell and my sister Alay has forgot about me and I just do not want to live and I feel I was never sapose to be born.

Im broke and I'm a loser. I had planned on going to an art school in San Francisco. I had been accepted. Everyone was so happy that I was gonna go. They thought I was gonna be somebody really successful. They had so much faith in me. All of it fell apart along with everything else in my life. I now currently have no job and no experience, still live with my parents and I lost a majority of my savings in a scam. Everyone of my friends have moved on and are going to school and working and making new friends while I am desperately looking for a job trying to hold myself from falling apart again. My family now lost faith in me and think I am gonna be a loser or homeless for the rest of my life. Right now I am a financial burden to them and I hate it. I feel so pathetic. I just want everything to be over with. I don't want to tell anyone about it because I don't wanna go back to the hospital. I feel like I am constantly disappointing everyone.

My life sucks because my mom kicked me out so I moved in with my grandma and dad turns out she hates me and my dad's a bum so now I'm stuck in this hell hole in southwest detroit...hoping for a way out but every time I feel like im getting ahead really I'm getting pulled ten steps back...so I wait for someone to care enough to get me off the ground and back on my feet...How long will I have to wait...

I have no reason to live. My family hates me and the only girl I ever loved hates me as well. I live simply because there are 4 people who would actually mourn for me and I don't want to make them suffer

No matter how hard I try, I can never be 1st, I'm always last. What I mean is that when it comes to relationships, I'm never the first choice. I'm always just sorta there, I tried to fix it by becoming more involved with that person but I always come off as rude or annoying. I've known most of these people my whole life and meeting new people just makes me so nervous I avoid it. So, there's not that much of a choice. Either 1. Continue being the last choice or 2. Be alone for a very long time. I don't know why it's so hard for me to choose.

I hate my life. I am nearly always unemployed so I was a stripper for a year. I am married, and beautiful, but it doesn't make life better, to everyone who is depressed about not being pretty or in a relationship those things will not make you happy. people will see you as a sex object and you are accountable to a person who is disappointed in you. I have no friends it doesn't matter to me since that has not changed for years and I am just used to the extra free time that gives you, so friends or not has nothing to do with happiness. I have one best friend, my husband, that's enough--you only need one friend. I care about only one thing, I am unemployed. All that matters in this life is money. As long as you are broke and jobless your life is a miserable hell. The only jobs I could find are desperate jobs that suck my soul out. I am a talented artist but it is a waste since I can't make a living doing it so far. talent will not make you happy or guarantee success. things society says makes you happy will NOT actually make you happy. there is only one thing that can make you happy or make life worth living and that is money. Everything in life depends on money. Whoever said you can't buy happiness is LYING! I am a meaningless person trying to scratch out a living. if I had not had mental illness I could have a degree by now, not that one would guarantee success. Everything takes money, nothing is free, and life depends on money. I hate money but money is the reason for existence and is the only thing that can make you happy. The truth hurts so everyone believes a lie then is surprised that nothing society says makes you happy does. But I have found that nothing lasts forever. neither happiness nor unhappiness lasts forever. You can be depressed as hell, then things can turn around at random! You will think everything is a lost cause, you are a lost cause, it is hopeless. It can change. You won't believe me though. Use your desperation to keep trying because there's nothing else you can do. The longer and more times you try the more your chance of success. The tiniest step forward is better than zero steps forward. Even if you have to repeat the step. hack and pound away at the wall long enough and it will come down. Feel the hopelessness and uselessness and do it anyway. It worked for me. I thought my efforts were pointless and I couldn't do it but I kept trying anyway since the alternative of not trying was equally pointless but with less chance to succeed so might as well try so I can at least say I tried. You can't succeed without failing because failing is just part of succeeding and the more times you fail the closer you are to success. You have to know what you don't want to know how to find what you do want. So without having what you don't want you can't get what you do want.