why does your life suck?

At this point in my life I've started to realize that things don't get better. I barely got by in high school and no girls gave me a second look. I don't even have a girlfriend now and the one girl I actually fell for rejected me. I have very few friends and the ones I do have are off at nice colleges getting degrees in fields they love while I'm stuck alone at community college struggling to pay for school and my car on the little money I scrape by from my shit job that I absolutely hate. My own family seems to be disappointed in me in everything I try to do. I think about killing myself all the time but I can never find it in me to end all the pain. It's like I'm torturing myself. I just can't stand feeling this anger and sadness. It has got to the point where I'm projecting my hatred onto others and just driving people away that I don't mean to. I need some type of sign that shows things will get better because I'm getting worse and worse by the day.

Technology is taking over our lives. That's why.

All i do all day everyday is work then sleep. Its a neverending cycle, i dont feel like im getting ahead in life at all, i dont even have a girlfriend, im just barely scraping by everday. And nobody seems to give a shit.

I am a heroin addict who feels totally responsible for the death of my beautiful, 25 year old brother. I am 33, still living at home and, like a child, am still totally dependent on my family/girlfriend - who stand by me, even though I know they realise I am slowly killing myself. I can't get started in life without relapse and can't see the past my depression and selfish nature. I have ruined my health and finances and my mental health is a growing concern. I want to send my love to other people who are suffering jpm

I have a stutter like my dad and granddad, so its safe to say I inherrited it and really bad eyesight. There's alot more but you can imagine the social implications of not being able to speak well or even say your own name. I could go on but I will just leave it there.

I am extremely hard working and successful at the wrong things. It's like I got funneled into the wrong portal. If I put this much energy into something meaningful I would be much happier, but I am too scared to because of the potential lack of security. I don't even spend any of my money. And I feel like by the time I'm ready I will already have wasted my youth, and no-one old looks happy.

I always lonely. I was scared when I was in a crowded place. I'm afraid of the fact that I was alone. Sometimes friends took me, but they goes away when finding someone that more fun than me. Always like that. So I'm afraid, when people asked me who are your best friends? Basically, I'm too afraid to admit that they are my best friend, because they do not really understand me and left. No one really care.

I have tendonitis, again...it took years to get it calmed down, it's back, and worse. Arms and shoulders.

I'm 31 , having to live at home again because I some how survived taking a box cutter from both my wrist to my elbows after all the years of mental and physical abuse from my family. I can't work for very long and when I do it causes me great pain now. Yet it is up to me to completely full fill all the house chores as a male Cinderella. If I don't I am only rewarded with more mental abuse and made to feel as I am nothing more then a leach or mistake to this world. I've been shot before, even battled with a deadly form of herpetic virus that went to my brain, a month long of that in ICU I could have purchased a house for the amount on the hospital bill..I am now in a relationship that I've had for four years that is going no where and now I don't even desire to ever get married anymore. Not a day has gone by in 5 years that I do not ponder taking my own life once again . I don't feel what I think love should be and I partly blame movies for giving me a unfair picture at what love could be or is portrayed as. I can't deal with being constantly lied to , being lied to is nothing more then people trying to insult your intelligence.

Shit keeps happening and there's nothing I can do about it. As a kid I thought life would get better but no that was a lie. But you know what everyone experiences life differently so maybe it did get better for some? I surely hope so. My body is failing me a young age and every day I see the shadow of a person I use be. I can't talk to anyone about it because "shocker" I don't have any friends. Even if I did i doubt they would want to join a pity party. I just have to remember to close my eyes and repeat the words of a wise man I once heard say, I can't go on, I'll go on.

My life sucks because I have a husband but no sex (it's been weeks, maybe months now). I am 18 pounds overweight but even with dieting and exercise, the weight won't come off. I despise my job but husband is disabled with no income at all (denied SSDI 2x). My son still has 2 more years of high school so I do not want to lose my income and possibly have no home for my son. I have to take an anti-depressant and HRT just to feel "normal" (I'm almost 53 years old). What else?

I'm in love with you But you don't love me Skipping down the creek Hand in hand, Ruth and Naomi I am neither Never enough to be A Star in your eyes Just an ant on a leaf Only worthy of a passing hello I suck at poetry too

My bf of 12 years is always telling me he "loves" me and is genuinely a nice guy, but can never seem to find decent work or get me out of this apt that is located in the ghetto of Orlando. I am the only white person for miles. I have absolutely NOTHING in common w/my neighbors and most of them are mutants who can't even hold a conversation.I can't wait to move because people keep getting shot in my apt complex, it's hot as balls here on a daily basis and I just want to Seattle because I read on a blog that you can go to a cool coffee shop there and order weed K-cups for $10 a brew. FL is so unhip it hurts. Try getting a meal anywhere past 6pm on a Sunday-it's not happening.

My life sucks because , there's no purpose to it..wake up go to work (deal with the same bullshit everyday ) come home ( deal with the same bullshit everyday.) 1200.00 dollars a week is weak , still paycheck to paycheck each week.. Eat the food every week same shit all the time .I'm anti social and I don't like crowds .pisses wifey off but oh well. Friends call for favors , not a how u doing. They say I have a couple mental disorders. I'm just what the doctor ordered. Being bored is just being broke. Hibernate by myself. Fml.

Every day I question the point of existence. I feel like nothing.

My dad cares about video games more than our family. For all of my life, he's been verbally abusive. Today, he became physically abusive....over a video game. He was wrong about something, I tried to help him by saying what really happened, and I got smacked and pushed to the ground. I feel like a failure. My friends have left me, heck, if I ever did have any real friends, they probably forgot about me because I never see them. I am a prisoner trapped in my dad's prison. And I don't think I'm ever going to get the chance to escape.

I'm about to flunk out of my first grad school class, I haven't been on a date since I got divorced 10 years ago, I haven't heard from or talked to my anyone in my family in months. I haven't talked to any of my "friends" in years. I'm so far in debt it isn't funny and frankly if it wouldn't be my daughter who would find my body I'd kill myself and be done with it.

My only goal left in life is tht when I die, I want nobody to care, nobody to remember me at all. That in and of itself takes more effort than most could conceive.

1)I don't have much reason to exist. 2) I suck at everything. 3) i don't have any talents. 4) I don't feel useful or worth something. 5) my future was always bleak. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Life isn't worth it if you've had a larger amount of horrible days compared to the good moments you've had, imo.

I'm from a small town in Mississippi. There's nothing to do here, and we're the dumbest state! Yay! I'm currently suffering from depression and panic disorder from high school. Im about to be a senior and I can't go to school without having a panic attack. My mother loves my brother was more than she loves me, and LOVES to flaunt it in my face. My brother is a professional runner with the Olympics ahead of him. Then, there's me. The forget up.

Idk why i am writing this. Maybe someone will read it. Probably not. Im 23 and my life sucks right now. I just got a reckless driving ticket on the way to pay for my other reckless driving ticket. (i was running late and forgot i had to make payments today) so i sped. I don't have a job and honestly i don't want some minimum wage bullshit slave job. I have had plenty of those types of jobs in the past. I have no motivation anymore. College cost way too goddamn much. Our society sucks for forcing this shit on everyone. Why does money rule the world? On top of all this my left teste has been hurting for the past year and a half to two years and i haven't told anyone. I live in constant pain and depression. I am scared to go to the doctors because i just don't want it to be real. I am scared of surgery im scared i have cancer and im scared of losing my testicle or dying because i never went to the doctor. Me and my girlfriend are on the brink of breaking up. She has had multiple partners when she was younger. She is my first. Im jealous and sad and i hold a grudge towards her for it. I love her but ive know it would never last ever since i heard about her past like 3-4 years ago. Yet i have stayed with her for the past 5 years bullshitting around. She is a great girl and has never cheated on me, I just cant get over her past. I don't hear from my friends anymore. Half of them have babies or moved away. I really just want to run away. Somewhere on the other side of the world and just forget it all. I know people probably have wayy worse shit going on than me. Im stupid and lazy and f'ed up and i know it. Nothing is holding me back, I just cant do anything. I really hope life gets better. It has slowly been one letdown after the next my whole life. Im just feeling tired of it all. Sorry for the language i dont mean to offend anyone im just upset. Peace and love everyone.

I have spent 20 years of my life either helping my overwhelmingly dysfunctional family, physically and emotionally... but for over 15 years, off and on for the public as an EMT. So many horrible things have happened in my past (mainly childhood tragedies and things Ive experienced professionally) and are currently happening in my present, that I really would like to give up. I can't find steady employment that pays reasonably and my prescriptons and doctors appointments are cheaper without insurance than with... but I have to carry it due to The Affordable Health Act. Way to go life.

I'm a failure. I'm not good at anything that I do. I'm so insecure I don't want to be in public. I'm trying to get my degree but am finding myself falling more and more behind with every obstacle that pops up in my life. On top of that I'm already going into college extremely unprepared considering I barely got by. Not to mention my job sucks. I have friends, a great family, and a boyfriend. Yet, I feel so alone. Nobody understands the way I feel. I look to people for advice but none of it is what I want to hear. I wouldn't mind to die but I'm too scared to kill myself. It seems as though I'm always sick or in pain and there's nothing I can do to change it.

I am 35 and just got put on an unfair 'Performance Improvement Plan' at my job that was total bs and was nonsense fabricated by my inept and inexperienced supervisor so I could be her scapegoat. I got sacrificed because she didn't want to train me and is screwing up in her new role. She was unbearably abusive so I quit. I have no money, can't find a job, and now I'm right back to poverty. I finally had a solid middle class income then NOPE back to the gutter. My supervisor, on the other hand, kept her job, makes lots of money, is travelling internationally for business, and has a committed boyfriend who she lives with. Meanwhile, no man wants me because I am too tall and I have no money all over again. Every Single Thing I have that is somewhat good in my life gets ripped away and the people who completely forget me over are endlessly rewarded and have spouses and money while I rot in poverty and loneliness.

1. my professional future seems murky. I am not smart enough for my job and the skill set I developed is unsuitable for other jobs 2. I am lacking passion for life, I lost interest for most things and I don't know why. Everything seems pointless. I tried to learn music and completely sucked at it. Everything else just doesn't seem interesting at all. 3. I am lazy and full of self-pity. I used to be stronger, now I'm just a pitiful loser 4. My girlfriend doesn't share the same view of love and relationships that I do. To me, she is a cold person. She's not the one, she's not special to me anymore, I don't think I love her. And yet, I don't think I can find a better girlfriend. I'm afraid what I want from a girlfriend is impossible and only exists in movies. Therefore, I feel I can never be happy in a relationship 5. I feel lonely, even having a girlfriend. I like to spend time with her, but it's never enough for me. Most of the time I just feel lonely just like I didn't have a girlfriend 6. I have emotional problems (jealousy, neediness) that seem to be too deep to be solved and maybe make having a relationship the way I want impossible