why does your life suck?

I am short , my height is 5.3" and it sucks , I feel inconfident due to it, I have no gf at the age of 21 , and I am living my life all alone , short height really sucks.

he doesnt care about me as much as i care about him. psh

I have so much shit to do but i'm not stressed out about it at all. so because it doesn't really make an impact on me hardly any of it gets done. idk maybe if the stress got to me more i'd be able to get more done in my life.

I'm so alone. I have "friends" who I talk to and hang out with and call my BFFs but I hate them... I really do. And not just them. I don't like people. I hate talking to them. I haven't seen my dad in many years. My mom and my dad are still legally married because they can't afford a divorce but they never see each other ever. We used to live as a family in BC, Canada, but we couldn't afford to continue paying for our house monthly and the government had no choice but to take it away. A lot of people hate me and I can't afford anything in life. I have no chance at success and my mom's depressed 24/7 and she drinks to get the pain away. I know people hate me. I know I'm ugly, stupid, pathetic and I know that if I died right now, nobody would really care. and I want to die so, so bad! I'm just not sure what it'll take. I don't want the suicide to fail and for me to live permanently deformed or anything, but al I want is to die. All I want for Christmas and my birthday is to wake up dead so I don't have to live. Is that so hard to ask?


I am 56 years old been on dialysis from over 9 years and lost my job of 26 years 3 years ago.Divorced since 1999, had a few short term relationships but mainly Alone.I am living on SS disabilty of about 1500 a month. I got the call for a kidney November 5th and had the transplant on the 6th .Unfortunately a benign tumor was found in my bladder and as of today November 20 am still in the hospital because of this complication and no sign when I will go home.So even when something good comes into my life, it usually turns out bad.MY LIFE SUCKS!

Im 22 and i am stuck on dialysis. My life sucks

I seem to only sit on the bad things in life and I can't get out of a spinning circle of hell which I am caught between myself and everyone I try to protect, it hurts to protect myself when I hate myself so much and when I defend my friends they reject my help and then turn around and ask why I don't stick up for them.

when i was 3 my grandmother died in a fire...in a camper in the driveway while we were all awaiting dinner. My parents also were going through an ugly divorce. Mom remarried about a year later. Things smoothed out for a while until my older brother got "the crazy" & ran away. Leaving me the big brother to two young half siblings. Started drinking and doing drugs shortly after this. This continued for @ 15 years. As soon as i start getting my head out of my ass...my younger brother gets cancer and dies a year later. 3 years later all friends leave town in different directions. Found a wife, thought i was good again....Nope her teenagers are torturing me now. I'm glad i don't own a gun at this point in my life.

im having alot of free time .. and im thinking in my last problems every moment ,, so im breathless and soulless

my parents divirced when i was 3. i was taken out of the school id been in my whole life and put through years of going to over 7 schools over the next 45 years. i grew to hate and loath other human beings, especially those my age. i realized this late and now im and 18 old c. freshman with no social mean to relate to other ppl. im smart, inciteful, but have no connections to the world. im severely anxious. judgements plauqe my mind constantly. self sabotage. low self esteem. i think about the past all the time. i compare my life or life events with others almost every 5 minutes in my head. i had an eating disorder in 7th grade. i never escaped that anxiety. it changed me. but how did i get to that pint so young? confusion and shame had been boiling inside sinc i was three. to be shipped from one parent to the other. to deal with putting your childhood aside so yuo can take care of your own emotions. bullying in school. peers who cant comprehend anything. missed opportunities. regret. hatred. as much as i hate society and the others, i hate meself just as much. i think so lowly of myself. i feel empty. i cant break out of my habits. a cycle. chain. all my talents go to waste. im held back. by what, idk.

he doesnt love me anymore ):

You all talk about why your lives suck, but really all your doing is bitching about the world around you. Why don't you speak about the real problems? The ones that your not big enough to confront. It's ridiculous how much you whine about. I can ignore the rest of the world and go about my day, no problem. The thing that really gets me is the reality that my life has no destiny. At the age of 20 and more confused than I have ever been in my entire life, I don't know how I make it through each day. I've never had any ambitions. I only passed high school because I was able to guilt trip my teacher on my last essay, during my last trimester of my senior year. And now I'm blowing away money on college not knowing what the hell I want to do with my life. I've managed to push everyone that ever meant anything away from me. All that goes through my mind is the thought of ending it now because I can't see the point of living if the whole experience just fades away with time.

nothing goes right

I made a bad career choice. I graduated from a 4-yr college for journalism...print and broadcast. I figured that media was such a large part of people's lives that there would always be a demand for words both written and spoken. I worked hard in school, networked, did internships and landed a job. I even was able to move up the network ladder and got a position in a medium sized market on the east coast. Some might consider this a success however I quickly learned that there is little future for those that work in this profession. Pay is lowsy, I work nights, weekends, holidays. I don't get time off with my wife and the result (partially) was her cheating on me. Despite ten years in this career I'm working poor. I'm able to keep a (rented) roof over my head and food on the table but there is >$100 left over at the end of each month. How am I suppose to support a family, build a home or save for retirement? I had to save up for two months to go to the eye doctor and get new glasses. I'm trying to build a business on the side to supplement my meager paycheck but handling all the licenses and equipment is more than I can afford. With this economy I dare not take out a loan...there is no way I can pay back the debt while I'm still working full time and the risk of not getting customers to pay it off. I have dreams I hope to reach but I feel like there is a big roadblock I can't bust through.

My life suck because I am from a poor country, my parents are unemployed, I have no job and we are running out of money and I can't help ourselfes!

i check facebook 20times a day hoping I'll get a notification I can respond to. I feel so lonely everyday nad Im only a junior in high school, still got pretty much 60% of life left until I may hopefully go to heaven.

I have extremley bad luck my mom lost her job we are living in a shithole my grandpa died a year ago then my dad died about 2 weeks ago girls that i date all cheat on me all girls that like me or that i like all get bfs in like a week i have no freinds anymore i haven't dated in a 5 years i have to keep making reasons not to kill myself no one in my family likes me i hate my life so much my brothers an asshole i love my mom and shes the only reason that i haven't commited suicide i have nothing to live for im not gooding looking in any way and i think im gonna kill myself tonight by having a cyderblock smash my head by making it fall off my roof good bye world i definalty wont miss you

my life is awesome if you look from the outside..Great Job Great Boyfriend but not one no my real pain every night i cry myself to sleep and i always feel lonely even when I'm surrounded by people. I starve myself and workout like crazy hoping to forget about my life and focus on something else from the hurt of being me...I want every one to love me but I feel like everyone is against me or always talking about me and planning my fall...crazy huh I know that what really hurts I know something is wrong but I dont know how to fix it.

my mum died this year. Im 19. And she was my only parent and family. My father isn't a dad. If he could sell me for money he would. The last time i saw him was at my mothers funeral. He played a victim. He didn't say sorry, he didn't console with me or my brother and sister. He didnt act like a dad. My brother is 13 years older than me and my sister is 9 years older. They have their own families. I don't know any cousins. Apparently i have over 30 cousins. 2 my age. Most of them were close with my brother and sister. None of them contacted or sent sympathies when my mum passed. I haven't heard from uncles or aunties either. When my mum passed i was three weeks into my first year of uni in a capital city. I moved back to my home town and now live in my mums house. My accommodation from uni continued to charge me after my mums death. I couldnt afford it. My mum was paying for half and under an agreement my dad was paying the other half. When mum died he cut the payments. Mums accounts froze and my savings went to a room in a city 700km away from me for next 18 weeks. I now work full time 6 days a week to 're-save' money to go back to uni next year. I dont feel like i have a friend in the world or a family. Its funny how one moment can completely define the rest of your life. I fear i will never be financially stable on my own. I will never be emotionaly stable. I will never find peace. Im 19 and ive already co ordinated my mothers funeral. been a bedside nurse and held onto someones hand just as they took their last breath. But the most painful part for me was when my mum cried, knowing that she knew she was going to die was the hardest thing.I can't imagine what courage you would need. Ive lost more than i can even imagine. You really don't know what you have until its gone.

I have never been that much of a people person. My classmates can always find something about me to make fun of. l have good grades, but I feel as though I just go through the motions. My mom has medical problems, and has spent months in the hospital for heart problems. I wake up every morning knowing that this might be her last.

I live in severe chronic pain. Although I'm in my early 40s, I had four major back surgeries. The third one was a failed fusion, which left me bedriddon for a year. I thought my wife understood the pain until three days after my last fusion, in which she said she no longer loved me.

I hate my life. Minimum wage job when I know I can qualify for WAY better. I'm 23 and have never owned a car in my life. I live with my father, i pay him rent. I just really hate life. It's always the same thing every single day. I also got laid off about 6 months ago from another bad job. Like I said, story of my life. No good is here. We live in hell. This is purgatory. I have actually thought about that at my crap doing the same boring repetitive movements all day. Sometimes I think I would just be better off dead. Sometimes I just wish the world would collapse and give every one nothing, so we could see how it feels to love again rather then judge one by their title or wealth. Let's have a huge war and then grow our own crops and EVERYONE works hard for what they get.

I went threw a horrible divorce. My ex- wife kicked me out on the street. I lost my job. I'm in debt. I can barely survive on unemployment. I got a dui, lost my drivers license. o cannot find a job. Hope is running out, quickly.

I can't drive, walk two miles to get to and from work with blisters and in grown toenails, I barely work 10 hours a week and can't find more work or get more hours, I have a 4k dollar hospital bill that financial aid won't cover, I have no insurance, my family hates me for silly reasons, I can barely afford a single community college course, I'm still paying off another medical bill and a computer bill, I'm down to my last half-thousand dollars, and I live in the wannabe-ghetto of St. Louis. And no one seems to want to sit down and talk with me about it, or show they care. Worst part is, up until I stopped and looked at my life, I was optimistic - then I lost all the hopeful feelings I had for the future.