why does your life suck?

My life sucks because it doesn't matter what I do, the world shits on me. I help at the mission serving meals, go to church, help everyone in life that I can but everyone treats me like I don't matter. I do nothing to deserve this and my depression is engulfing me like quicksand. I have PTSD from events that happened when I was deployed that haunt me everyday. I work, I come home. I have no friends and no man even glances my way. I feel completely invisible in this world and my pain seems to never subside. I'm a single mother who has busted my butt to provide for my daughter while her dad parties and jumps from one woman to the next. I have no idea why I'm even alive. I just exist. I care for others and I'm there for everyone yet no one is there for me. Sometimes I can't wait until I die. I feel like my heart physically breaks and the pain is unbearable.

My brother is dead. He committed suicide when I was 12. My nephews live with me. Also, my cat is dead. Also, I got gum on my pants today. And failed a history test. And I'm exhausted. I need sleep, but I have school tomorrow, and I'm so tired-- I haven't been able to write my english paper that's due tomorrow. My best friend is dating an idiot/jerk/arrogant ass. I need a week's worth of sleep, plus another week to catch up on all my work and THAT'S not going to happen. And my therapist is going into private practice, and my insurance wont cover her, so I have to work with someone new. Also, did I mention the dead brother one? I could go on, I literally could, for days. I'm so tired though. And I have to write an english paper, so I will just say--LIFE SUCKS.

im colorblind..

I`m at an excange and i got a nice family. Or that`s what i thought. I have struggled with them since the beginning and i just kept going because i thought it would get better. Then they told me to ask them more to help with stuff.. and so i did. So i asked if i could help with something this one day, and my host mom said that i could wash some laundry for her. And of course i did what she told me to do. So i did this and when she and my host sisters came back again the laundry was done and they were going to take it out from the machine and in the machine they found their little kitty.. I had put the little kitty in the washing machine without knowing because i apparently was inside the laundry i was washing. So i killed it, but i really didn't mean to do so! I loved that kitty! And they were mad at me and didn't talk to me for several days.. And then when they finally started to talk to me, they come home oe day from church (i stayed home because I'm not a church person) they found one of their other cats in a drawer in the kitchen.. And of course they assumed it was me. They didn't tell me about this. They let my coordinator (person who is going to see that i have a good trip here) tell me.. And I knew i hadn't done it, but no one believed me.. So everyone got mad at me again, and didn't talk to me.. Im trying to find a new family but i have to stay with the old one because i dont have anywhere else to go.. So everyone here is mad at me, and they all makes it so that everything is my fault.. And i have to live with them until i get a new family and no one knows when that will happen.. And today when i was going with them somewhere my host mom started yelling at me for suddenly starting to try to do something with them and that i should just stay home since I'm not going to be there more and since everyone knows that I'm leaving them soon.. Im just sitting in my room and no one talks to me, and the dont want anything to do with me.. but i have to drive with my host sister to school and back every day and it sucks

all of our utilities are going to get turned off and my sisters car is going to be repossessed and we’re going to lose the house and i’m not gonna go to college because i can’t even afford to submit applications god i just want to make my parents life easier and die theres nothing i can do about it i've never felt so useless in my entire life but nobody will hire me and even if i do $80 a week isn't going to do anything to help our situation because i have been starving myself in favor of paying for things i actually need and i haven't been to a doctor in 7 years and i have to many health problems and i need dental surgery on a cavity i can’t afford to eat lunch i really can’t afford to stay in band my car doesn’t work and we can’t afford to get it fixed so i can’t take my test to get my license and so then i can’t get a job i don’t know what to do at this point as soon as I thought things were getting better my dad is contemplating suicide so that we an have the insurance money and i’m just freaking out i want to die i can’t do this anymore i’m such a burden and nothing is fair my parents are too stuck up to apply for any sort of federal aid and nobody will help us i'm only 17 and my family doesn’t deserve this someone please come here and shoot me in the head

I think I hate my girlfriend. She's a lovely, genuine person who, like anyone else, has tough days and ends up taking it out on me. The thing that upsets me the most is that when she wants to do anything she always runs it by her mother who simply cannot allow any of her family to do something even mildly interesting, enjoyable or fun without her. As a result I never get to do anything fun unless we bring her mother which kind of ruins it for me. So sick shit of the two of them, getting to the stage where I want to tell them their relationship is sick and they should both GO forget THEMSELVES AND NEVER EVER AS LONG AS I SHALL LIVE BOTHER ME AGAIN. We've been going out for four years and I thought this kind of behaviour would stop when my GF moved out of her family home. That was 2 years ago. I feel such hatred for the person I supposedly love most in this world, I just don't know what to do or how to feel

my mother died of aids and she didnt even tell anyone she had aids

im 22 and im going blind

i wasn't born, i entered a labryinth. one day i wake up a die-hard capitalist and the next day i realize that captilism is the bane of humanity then the next day i realize some people are not worth even helping andthey deserve capitalism or communism(pick your poison). maybe there is happiness in a field, far away from all of us.

The government is run by communist assholes, for the most part I'm a total asshole, I've failed at most everything I've tried to do (I dropped out of college twice, who the forget does that?), I will work a back breaking job until I die, I live in a shit hole called Jackson MS, and the woman that I think I may love seems to think of me as just somethin to do when she ain't workin...worst of all I'm on an anonymous website whinin like a bitch...

I got stood up tonight by the first guy I've enjoyed spending time with in a long time, and I can't figure out what the hell I did to deserve being completely ignored. I'm $8,000 in debt to a school I'm not even sure I'll be able to attend this upcoming quarter. I'm broke af and all my friends have money. I'm tired of feeling like I'll never be able to give them as much as they give me. Today has just been so so shitty. Bleh

I constantly make "art" that hardly anybody gives a forget about. I'm attracted to women that don't want anything to do with me, whereas I'm never satisfied with the women that do. I struggle to learn electronics and physics, while my brothers learn it with little effort. One of my roommates annoys the forget out of me. I'm terrified of death, so I won't kill myself. I'm 36. I've wasted years on my life writing, drawing, and self-publishing graphic novels that no one ever reads, and writing/recording music that no one ever listens to.

It's not because of me but because of you that you made it here remember the hard times you grew up and felt like giving up and quit and look what happen look your horse is back at it for you life gets difficult at many times but it's not only about how much you could wit stand it's about how much you could do that life handle you just like you couldn't give up when you were a kid you the same energy when you were young to help you push back up to life and continue there is noting more to life than to keep getting up when life knocks you down so hey you the one that read this far am proud of you and myself and all those around you because I believe in you when one else that that you could make it this far Into my story wouldn't giving up so get back up give yourself a pay on the back hug yourself and get back on that horse because life is only beautiful as you make it tmmrw brand new day new chance new opportunity to creates to special nice enjoy trust me you'll take it so if you make it thus far cry but your tears will dry but eventually you'll get tire of crying and have noting better to do then smile because a smile is way better than a tear so on you gotten this far Continue far as you can until you complete you accomplishment and if you haven't done or complete any thus far you did now you read my and your story so together let's keep this thing going and finish off strong hey you yeah you enjoy your day have a good one many new things are coming your way I believe it just like you believe it

I am 41 years old single and still live at home. I am back in school again and have a crap job and am always broke. I don't have anything in common with a lot of women and finally get a long with one girl in my class. We make each other laugh, share the same values and enjoy each other's company. She is beautiful 22 yrs old and I am too old for her.

I have social anxiety. I'm single and can feel myself slipping away.

I sacrificed my entire life for a bad choice. I married my wife and dedicated my life to her and her children. I love them like my own. I had one biological child, but there is truly no difference in the love I share with the others. My wife cheated on me and called the police when I got upset about it. She even had my daughter write a statement to the police. I beat the charge, but the accusation has ruined my reputation. It has completely changed my life, and I am still with her. I'm still here to support my children even though she has ruined me. People think I'm dirt. but I keep doing right. Christians are the worst. I have lost my faith. I've lost the trust of my students. She has ruined me. I can't leave my kids. If I did leave her, who would want me now. I feel as though wanted this. She says she wanted to drop the charges, the state thought she was changing her story to protect her abusive husband. I keep thinking about it. I have had had weed charges, a gun charge, etc. But, this one is the worst. I feel ashamed. It is the complete opposite of everything I have lived for. I have tried to do the right thing and stand for what is up right. I don't really care anymore. I have lost my will to be upright. I guess you will eventually become what people think you are. I stay inside all the time now (if Im not at work). I smoke weed every hour on the hour. I made a lot of tough choices in my life. Doing what is right drove most of those decisions. Now I feel as though it doesn't matter. I sometimes think there is not right or wrong. Life is like a crap game. It may be good for some, but if you mess it up it just sucks. This is the worst thing that anyone has every done to me, and I know she did it out of spite. Even if I divorce her, the damage is done. Even though we get along now, I just can't get over what she did to me. If I try, it will enter my mind every time I try to stop smoking weed. I feel stuck. Ironnically, I'm not irrisponsible and callous enough to leave. I wish I could be the person everyone thinks I am. At least then, I'd man up enough to go through the rest of my miserable life alone. I spend all my money on my family. My student loans have defaulted for the second and final time. I don't have any monney or hope. My son had to come home from college because I don't have the money and I'm a teacher. I dedicate my life to doing what's right and I get shitted on over and over again. I'll keep going though.

Acing all my classes in high school with a dead set goal of going to uni, and getting out of this godforsaken town, and away from these godforsaken people. Mum's and abusive alcoholic that will drop drop dead from alcohol poisoning any minute now. Dad's a dead beat cheater, no job, can't keep a promise. Brothers are annoying little cunts (the usual). Friends...what friends? My life sucks and i know i don't matter to anyone. But i''m mentally strong. Being forged into the person i am and will be. I don't give a forget and why even try with things that don't matter to me. If you don't care, i don't care. period.

I feel like a failure. I am depressed, I have PTSD, and have had suicidal ideations. My friends are winning grants, residencies, and showing their work in museums and art fairs internationally and I am living at home, not making art, and my parents don't understand depression and don't seem to want to understand. I feel lonely, I have medical debt on top of student loan debt that seems impossible to pay off and I just feel like I've squandered everything I was supposed to be.

At this point in my life I've started to realize that things don't get better. I barely got by in high school and no girls gave me a second look. I don't even have a girlfriend now and the one girl I actually fell for rejected me. I have very few friends and the ones I do have are off at nice colleges getting degrees in fields they love while I'm stuck alone at community college struggling to pay for school and my car on the little money I scrape by from my shit job that I absolutely hate. My own family seems to be disappointed in me in everything I try to do. I think about killing myself all the time but I can never find it in me to end all the pain. It's like I'm torturing myself. I just can't stand feeling this anger and sadness. It has got to the point where I'm projecting my hatred onto others and just driving people away that I don't mean to. I need some type of sign that shows things will get better because I'm getting worse and worse by the day.

Technology is taking over our lives. That's why.

All i do all day everyday is work then sleep. Its a neverending cycle, i dont feel like im getting ahead in life at all, i dont even have a girlfriend, im just barely scraping by everday. And nobody seems to give a shit.

I am a heroin addict who feels totally responsible for the death of my beautiful, 25 year old brother. I am 33, still living at home and, like a child, am still totally dependent on my family/girlfriend - who stand by me, even though I know they realise I am slowly killing myself. I can't get started in life without relapse and can't see the past my depression and selfish nature. I have ruined my health and finances and my mental health is a growing concern. I want to send my love to other people who are suffering jpm

I have a stutter like my dad and granddad, so its safe to say I inherrited it and really bad eyesight. There's alot more but you can imagine the social implications of not being able to speak well or even say your own name. I could go on but I will just leave it there.

I am extremely hard working and successful at the wrong things. It's like I got funneled into the wrong portal. If I put this much energy into something meaningful I would be much happier, but I am too scared to because of the potential lack of security. I don't even spend any of my money. And I feel like by the time I'm ready I will already have wasted my youth, and no-one old looks happy.

I always lonely. I was scared when I was in a crowded place. I'm afraid of the fact that I was alone. Sometimes friends took me, but they goes away when finding someone that more fun than me. Always like that. So I'm afraid, when people asked me who are your best friends? Basically, I'm too afraid to admit that they are my best friend, because they do not really understand me and left. No one really care.